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Download & Module setup


The module MUST be installed before to load and run related scripts in the region.


Before download the software please read carefully the "Terms and Conditions" at the following link:; keep in mind that the download of eZombie means the implicit accept of those terms.


Download source:

Howto build:
Get the ToolkitYou can find a eZombie toolkit, containing the score panel and all you need to setup your arena, at hypergrid URI:




  • No more need to divide region into two parcels, now the safe area it is defined in notecard by coordinates.
  • Improved stability
  • eZombie can now comunicate scores to external websites
  • new verstion has been tested on linux os
  • tested with great stability and speed results, with Nani's Opensimulator (please refer to link for more info).
  • possibility to set different attach position of HUD




Uncompress the in a folder you like then copy the file eZombie.dll in the region folder where Opensim.exe is (usually xxxx\opensim\bin\). Find your opensim configuration file, depending of your configuration it could be one of the following files:






Edit that file and add following rows:


   Enabled = true

eZombie create a subfolder named eZombie where it store scores and the player list. If you want store those data in another place, just add a row:


  Path = mypath


In the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file, you can find an example in opensim.ezombie.ini file.



Quit the region where eZombie is installed. Uncompress the in a folder you like then copy the file eZombie.dll in the region folder where Opensim.exe is (usually xxxx\opensim\bin\) overvriting previus .dll.

Restart the region.




Shutdown simulator if it is running (command "quit" on console); we suggest you to delete or move away the file Opensim.log, especially if it has big dimension.


Run simulator normally.

Once the simulator restarted, edit the new created file Opensim.ini and search for the following lines:


xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx,xxx INFO  [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: eZombie


xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx,xxx INFO  [REGIONMODULES]: From plugin eZombie, (version, loaded 1 modules, 0 shared, 1 non-shared 0 unknown


xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx,xxx WARN  [eZombie] module is enabled


Attention: those lines are not one near the other, you will have to search them in the log file. The firsts 2 lines could not be present if you lowered log level.

The third line is the most important ([eZombie] module is enabled), it says us that module had been loaded and ready to be used. If messages in the log files are correct you well completed the installation, you can now login inworld and go to the region where to make the game ready.