last update: 13/05/2019parent: eZombie 1.1 (en)

Build from source

The following instructions are meant to be used with VisualStudio 2015, but we are sure with a little effort (or none at all) they could be used with other VisualStudio versions.


If you didn't it yet, download Opensim source code from official web site:




then follow instruction (run pre build, etc) as explained on the readme files.


Once the Opensimulator ambient it is ready, in the same folder decompress  all the contents of the file (the one you downloaded from this site).

Your Opensim ambient now will look approx like this:










Open Opensim project by double clicking on OpenSim.sln and once you are inside VisualStudio add the eZombie.csproj to the Opensim Solution.


After compiling the solution in bin folder you will find your eZombie.dll



Please take into consideration that eZombie it is a really simple addon, but OpenSimulator it is not. If you do not have really clear what are you doing, please avoid to try to compile eZombie by yourself, the result could be dangerous for the stability of the region where you will use it.



you can find more info about the technology eZombie use on the links below: