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by Thai Low, 30/04/2015

Wonderful night at Guinguette



The best night we ever saw on hypergrids, in the wonderful ambient of Guinguette on Ignis fatuus grid.  Live music by DJ Elfiras Elenwe who played a first selection of old style music perfectly matching the Guinguette atmosphere, and gave us an electric shock with a second modern selection to go on dancing till late.

The region worked fine, and even with the presence of more then thirty avatars, no lag at all, just the pleasure to walk around, dance and chat with friends.




A pleasant night spended between friendly avatars of any kind, human, half human, cyborg... all joined in Guinguette to have fun (...and surely we had fun!).
In Endivatomic grid we all look forward for next themed night organized by Guinguette, and we wonder what it could be: maybe a pink-pyjama night.

We suggest everybody to stay in touch and ready for next special night...





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